About us

Our company offers management consultancy services on a turnkey basis and works with small to mid-size businesses to improve their profitability by helping them grow their business by either increasing revenues or by taking a very critical look at their operations and minimizing their costs. While there are probably many competitors of mine that do this, our unique value proposition to prospective clients is that we bring to the table a very wide array of skills, background and real hands-on experience across multiple industries in various disciplines and across numerous business functions.

owner profile

S-square D-square LLC, is the second company founded by Shashank Honavar, a seasoned Risk Management executive with over 23 years experience covering multiple risk disciplines (Operational Risk, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Treasury Risk, Reputation Risk, Culture Risk), implementation of COSO ERM Framework guidelines, design and execution of risk-based audit programs leveraging data analytics and relationship management with regulatory agencies during periodic safety and soundness reviews

Shashank set up S-square D-square LLC in 2018 after talking to several small business owners and sensing a business opportunity. Small businesses make up of 97% of all US businesses and collectively represents an untapped market for someone with the right experience to come in and provide fractional CXO services and help solve all of their business problems and also help develop/implement growth strategies.

For additional details on the owner’s background, please visit Shashank Honavar’s LinkedIn profile here

trusted partner network

If you are wondering how come one person can do all of this, then you have a very legitimate question. We don’t. we have built a network of trusted partners who have 20/30/40 years experience that specialize in areas that we am not particularly great at. we rely on their expertise to deliver what we have come up as our project scope based on our interactions with the client.